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Sunday, October 23, 2011

10/22/11 Caribou Mountain

This turned into a puzzling hike. We left the house with plans (and map) for Tunk Mountain. But on the way over I decided to do the Caribou Mountain Trail from the connector trail ( no map but we had done most of the Caribou from the Black Mountain area) .

This is Fox Pond which we pass just before the turnoff for the trail.

Forecast was for partly sunny but we got mostly clouds . We had recently done the connector trail in a search for a good lunch spot. It climbs steadily but the footing is good and its quite a pleasant trail

When we reached the Caribou Mtn. Trail we turned right ( west) thinking we would go as far as Black Mountain but not do the whole loop.

It was a very pleasant hike with only small elevation changes and a combination of fairly dense woods, small meadow like areas, and ledges. About when I thought we must be near Black Mountain we found ourselves returning to our starting point on this trail. Quite a surprise as I did not see any other trails intersecting ours. When we got home and I looked at the map I still couldn't figure out how we had done that.

Kelley doesn't understand it either

When we got back to the connector we continued on ( east) to see what was what that way. The trail dropped steadily and at times steeply and after a bit and thinking about having to climb back up we turned and returned to our starting place on the Caribou and had lunch and then back down the connector and the trail out. Even though puzzling a nice hike - 3 hours


  1. Good looking photos. Who needs bright sun right?

  2. Thanks John. It's going to do what it's going to do.

  3. Very interesting..I've thought about doing Tunk. What's that like?

  4. Hey penbayman

    I think Tunk is nice- several ways up plus the ponds, and very nice views. We were there yesterday - stay tuned.


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