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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/18/11 Dorr Mountain

A beautiful day with comfortable temperatures and a mix of sun and clouds. We decide to tackle another more strenuous hike, this time up Dorr Mt. We started from the Canon Brook trailhead on Rte, 3 and took that to the Dorr S. Ridge Trail, probably the easiest route up the mountain.

This is a pond Kelley likes near the start of the Canon Brook

There were crews working on improving the Canon Brook Trail and Kelley was happy to meet all of them. One man even had a treat for her in his pocket ( they were still working when we later returned on this trail and Kelley ran ahead to the man with the treats and got another)

Looking back down the Dorr S. Ridge Trail toward the ocean

A pond seen from the trail

This snake was in the middle of the trail on some pine straw and stayed put while I got quite close. I think he was reluctant to leave the nice sunny spot he had found.

We reached the Dorr summit, shared an apple and returned on the same trail to the Canon Brook but turned briefly west to go to our favorite lunch spot on this trail. It is a pretty spot that also has water for Kelley.

Back at the pond near the end of the hike.

A very pleasant outing for both of us. Kelley seems to be continuing to improve her conditioning. 3 hours


  1. I like the landscapes with the added Fall color...very nice.

  2. Thank you John. A beautiful time of year here. But very short lived.


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