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Friday, November 25, 2016

11/24/16 DeMeritt Forest

I am using a borrowed laptop and got some old software working. Problem is screen on laptop - different tilts give different brightness so I tried to match older posts - they may be off a bit.

Cold and dreary - 30's with lots of clouds. I read that lots of Maine families go hunting on Thanksgiving so we picked a spot where hunting is not allowed. Kelley was not very enthusiastic ( neither was I) but we did a bit of the Logan Rd. before going across the road to the river.

Not much color around today - this little leaf stood out

There was water in the small stream

Cove of the river

and the Stillwater

Underwater leaf

Back around the cove on our way back to the car

and one more splash

Not a great day but we got out and Kelley got wet. We also met two nice women with their dogs and that also pleased Kelley.


  1. Glad you were able to get out on Thanksgiving day! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Kelley!

  2. Hooray--photos!
    And even though there isn't much color, there's still plenty to see.
    Have a great weekend, John


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