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Monday, June 9, 2014

6/9/14 City Forest

Kelley seemed better this morning but I decided to stick with an easy hike anyway. Going into the 80's so we went early.We did a little different route but started so she would get the beaver pond both at the start and the end.

All the rain has made it very green and lush looking- the old rail bed

This little guy was very brave and stayed on the path until we were very close before scampering up a tree

Back at the beaver pond on our way out I got my first dragonfly. Should have been closer but I wasn't going into the water.

 So, only an hour and a quarter but pleasant and Kelley got water, people, and dogs .


  1. I wonder how you decide which trails to hike each day? Also, do you have a hiking trail book that you follow? Or maps? Just curious.

    1. Hi Kim- which hike is usually decide that morning- weather, Kelley, in winter snow or ice, etc. often just mood. I have a folder containing maps of most of the hikes and print out the one for that day.

  2. Kelley looks so happy in the water!

    1. Hi Linda- she does love the water and sometimes hikes are chosen for the amount of water opportunities


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