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Saturday, June 28, 2014

6/27/14 Lagrange Rail-Trail

Rain the last two days, with short walks around the neighborhood and downtown but we have sun today. Expecting many trails would be very wet we picked a raised rail-trail. We usually start this one from the Medford end but started from Lagrange because we hadn't done it that way in awhile. It's nicer from the other end- more varied terrain and more isolated from roads.

Near the start we passed under the small highway bridge

and headed down the trail

At the start the deer flies were numerous as well as mosquitoes. I had brought a cap and deer fly patches and bug spray.

The number of flies decreased as we proceeded and I was able to stop and take a few pictures.

This butterfly was a little beat up

Not an exciting hike but nice just to be out after two days of rain. There were large puddles ( easily got around) and water beside the trail so Kelley was able to get in water. The bugs didn't seem to bother her very much but it bothered me when the flies would get on her face and I would snatch them away. Haven't figured a way to affix a patch on her and keep it on top - she doesn't like anything attached.  3 hours 


  1. Thanks, Linda- they don't often stay long enough to get two versions

  2. I like that under the bridge shot.

    Can you wrap a patch around her collar or will that not work?

    1. Thanks Kim - the problem is to keep it on top and not in her fur.


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