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Thursday, June 12, 2014

6/11/14 Perch Pond Trails

A beautiful sunny day- 56 when we started and 74 at the finish. Supposed to rain the next three days so we wanted to get in a good one today. Kelley seems fine again and ready to go.

This time we started from the North Trail head and you can follow our route on the map above- this map sometimes confuses us but we did pretty well today.

The more open areas had flowers

The woods trails were quite nice today.

When we reached the Spruce Trail it was confusing as usual ( partly I think, because the bikers don't use it much. The first time we did these trails we came in on the Spruce Trail, lost our way, and after finding the pond spent a long time finding the trail back. Today we found an old sign that said " Shore Trail " and followed  what looked like a trail . It was little used and sometimes almost obscured.

But it did take us to the Shore Trail at the pond.

Click for a larger pano version on Flickr

Perch Pond pano 6-11-14

and a couple of normal shots of the pond

Part of the Shore Trail

I had seen a lot of dragonflies but none that would let me get close. I finally got a couple but still with poor backgrounds.

We met one man on his bike with his dog Baxter and then again near the end when his dog had run off - we heard him calling before we saw him.  He had called people to go to the trail head because of the road. All of a sudden Kelley perked up and stared down the trail. we looked up and saw Baxter running toward us. Everybody was happy- especially Tom and Kelley.

This was a very pleasant hike on a beautiful day. 3 hours

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