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Monday, June 30, 2014

6/29/14 City Forest

Supposed to get into the upper 80's so we went early - I also wanted something - close and easy so we went to the forest. I knew we would still have to deal with the deer flies and decided to try Kim's suggestion and put a patch on the top of Kelley's collar. I first put a wider strip of cloth so it wouldn't be in her fur. By the time we got down to the pond she had already caught 3 flies but - then she jumped in the water- I had not included this in the calculations. She , of course, got into the water every chance she got , and then a good shake- the patch was soon worthless. The West trail was not bad as long as we kept moving but the old rail bed had hoards of the flies. Back on the West Trail we met some nice women with two large dogs but Kelley avoided the dogs- they were friendly so not sure what the problem was. We met other people and dogs and there was not a problem with them.

In spite of the deer flies I did get some pictures and we got in a 2 hour walk.

Golden Crown Vetch

Wild Columbine

 Friendly Moth

Crown Vetch


  1. Gorgeous flower photos - espcially the yellow flowers.

    1. Thank you, Linda- a long time waiting for flowers. I had not realized that orange/yellow was a form of crown vetch but looking now it's easy to see.

  2. LOL at the patch story. Did you ever look to see if they make anything that looks like a collar that would work?

  3. Hi Kim- Problem is still going to be water- no way to keep her dry- I hadn't thought of that until she jumped in the pond


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