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Thursday, December 5, 2013

12/4/13 Perch Pond Trails

We have sun and most of the snow in our yard is gone. Decided we could park at the trails and not get stuck as it's only a few miles from home. More snow than expected in the parking lot but we parked anyway and started out on the South Trail.

There is a series of bog bridges at the beginning. When we first started hiking Kelley wouldn't use them but then learned to accept them- not today, with the snow ( this was taken on the way out- there were no tracks going in). You can see she is looking for a way around

There was a lot more snow than at home and no tracks of anyone walking the trails ( later on the old roads someone had skied)

To our surprise, not long after starting on the 100 Acre Woods Trail we found ourselves back where we had started. Not wanting to repeat ourselves we continued on the South Trail and took the route shown to the pond ( no problem following these trails)  

No swimming for Kelley today

After an apple break at the pond we walked along it and then headed for the other end of the 100 Acre Woods Trail. I wanted to see if I could find where we went wrong earlier. After a brief detour ( wrong turn) we started on our trail. All went well until we came to a spot where the flags seemed to end . After looking all around for flags we gave up and just bushwhacked. I'm guessing the trail would have been easier to follow without the untracked snow. Eventually we came upon the trail again and continued on out to the junction with the South Trail and back to our start.

It had been a bit of a slog for both of us because of the snow, but especially for Kelley ( she made use of the ski tracks when those were briefly available). But it had been a sunny day with temps in the upper 30's so a pretty good hike. 3  hours


  1. Good for you and Kelley for getting outside, despite the snow!

  2. Hi Linda- Kelley needs the exercise so we hike year 'round - I'm not always as enthusiastic as she is- the cold seems to have no effect on her.

  3. Look at the snow! Still bare ground in my backyard...

    1. Hi penbayman- it still surprises me how different the weather can be a short distance away

  4. I think its pretty impressive how often you do get out.

    1. Hi Kim- it's because Kelley needs the exercise to stay limber.


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