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Sunday, December 29, 2013

12/28/13 City Forest

This was a hike with our friend Faith and her dogs, Roxie and Gus. Some sun but mostly cloudy. We took the West Trail to the old rail bed, walked that a bit toward Forest Ave. , turned back and took Main Rd, Loop Rd, and back on West . The footing was mostly good with some break through the crust surprises on the rail bed. The dogs all seemed to enjoy the outing and there was lots of exploring. I mostly tried to get pictures of the three dogs together but that mostly happens when food is involved. The woods are still very pretty as the ice and snow have yet to melt- more predicted for the week end.

Roxie at a rare stationary moment - she is a very active dog.

Faith passing out goodies

Together - but Gus is facing the other way

Gus running toward me

All ahead of us

This picture was taken by Faith- I'm passing out peanuts . She thinks the camera under my coat makes me look like I have a big gut.

A pleasant hike - pretty surroundings, good company, happy dogs. 2  12 hours.


  1. Love your doggy photos! And I often carry my camera under my coat too.

    1. Thanks Linda- sometimes, only way to keep the camera warm and dry. - this was pretty much a dog day- Faith and I both wanting to get some good exercise for the dogs before the coming storm.

  2. I wish my dachshund would go hiking in the snow with me, but he hates to even get off the back deck. LOL!

    1. That's to bad, Kim. Kelley loves the snow and acts like a child when there is deep fresh powdery snow. As you can tell, Roxie and Gus seem to like it too.

    2. My lab used to like to run in the snow tho. She was always fun to watch.

    3. Hi Kim- seems to be a lab thing- other people with labs tell me the same thing.


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