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Friday, December 20, 2013

12/20/13 City Forest

Around 30, light snow, and no wind- not bad. Forecast for the rest of the day is snow, rain, freezing rain, etc. so we went to the Forest to get a hike in before whatever. We parked in the parking lot this time, so as not to  have to walk through the snowy meadow and picked up the West Trail from there- it was really quite pretty - and quite  as we met only a single skier.

More stuff in the snow - I can't resist

When we reached the end of West and went down on the rail bed we found no one had been on the section toward Forest Ave that we usually take. We walked a short ways on it and turned back as Kelley was not very enthusiastic.  When we returned to the intersection with West and Main Rd. , Kelley chose Main Rd, which she has never done on any of our many hikes here. I think because it was plowed. We walked it to Loop Rd. and took that. ( dogs on Main Rd. are supposed to be on a lead and we didn't want that).

We did a good part of the Loop and then cut through the woods to get back on West Trail

At the intersection for the pond we went down to check it out- all frozen.

Back to the parking lot. A pretty 2 hour hike. We had snow the whole time and no rain and it had been very peaceful.  


  1. Look at all that snow you have already. I love snow in the woods.

  2. Hate to tell you but the weather stuff I get through Southwest indicates your in for some tough going--glad I sent the coat as Kelley will make you go anyway--If I don't sign in again before Christmas--I agreed to work--Have A Merry Christmas--I know it is one of your favorites--Brother Tom

    1. Yes, it looks like freezing rain and sleet for the next three days. We have already had a hard time finding places to hike because of the snow- this will probably just make a mess. Ha Ha - you have a merry one too.

  3. Great pictures. Kelley at her favorite time with good snow. Icy without a power outage is probably the best we can hope for. Happy Festivus for the rest of us.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Mary- Happy Festivus to you too.


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