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Sunday, December 15, 2013

12/15/13 Neighborhood

We woke to lots of snow and  Kelley was anxious to get out in it. 7 degrees and snowing hard but at 8 o'clock I gave in and we started around the neighborhood. The forecast was for an all day event so I had already decided I would leave the driveway for later and just stay home today.

Ready, set


The excitement about the snow didn't stop her from wanting to greet anyone out and about- plow guys and even a man in a propane truck who had a dog treat for her. She can get people to stop what they are doing to give her a pat.

Maybe it will be a white Christmas

Just a storm drain

and a couple more of my girl in the snow

After an hour we went home but after lunch we went out again. It was not snowing as hard but the wind was stronger and it felt much colder. More people were out clearing their drives so Kelley got to greet  lots of folks. I got a couple more pictures

When we got back home, Kelley wanted to stay outside and I let her. When I started shoveling the front deck I found she had made a little 'nest' in the snow and was just relaxing in it. A neighbor loaned me his snow thrower and I did my drive. When I finished, Kelley still did not want to come in and stayed outside until almost supper time. She often does that in summer but not in winter.


  1. Kelley looks so happy! I went skiing this weekend in Central Oregon. Their mountains sure could use some of that snow!

    1. Hi Linda- she is like a child with snow- The skiers here have had a couple of poor snow years and I"m sure they appreciated this storm.


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