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Saturday, December 14, 2013

12/13/13 Goose Ridge

Mix of sun and clouds and cold and breezy ( 19 when we started 17 at the end) . A good day to be in the woods. We started from the trail head on Freedom Pond Rd. and the only tracks in the snow were animal tracks. A ways up the trail we came upon another hikers tracks that came out of the brush- we assumed someone who lived nearby had bushwhacked up to the trail. The first part is a gradual climb to the ridge.

We had seen this camera on previous hikes but now it sported a sign

These woods are mostly deciduous and  more open  as you climb

The trail passes through Spirited Horses Ranch - part woods and along the side of two meadows. There is a  small bench at the end of one of them and we stopped there for our apple and these views.

Back into the woods, we followed the trail to the pipe line easement where we turned back. After following the easement a short distance the trail goes back into the woods and out and back in, to end at the Northern Headwaters Trail.

Another piece of the trail on the way back

and a couple of close ups

There were still a lot of leaves on the ground under the snow.

Turned out to be a nice hike and more comfortable than expected- a pretty day in the woods.  3 hours


  1. This looks nice, John. Is it just a community trail? Interesting how some of these are created.

    1. Hi Faith- one of the many land trusts- Sheepscot Wellspring It is interesting as there are quite a few of them. I think usually they own some land and enter into agreements with private land owners to have the trails cross their lands .

  2. John you and Kelly are a lot tougher than I am. Kelly in that ice water gives me the chills. You guys stay safe on that ice. Still loving your photos. Bill

    1. Hi Bill- thanks for stopping by and for your comments. we are careful.


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