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Saturday, December 14, 2013

12/14/13 Walden and City Forest

Cold- below zero when we got up. I stalled but Kelley wanted to get out so when it reached 1 degree we went. A beautiful sunny day with the snow still nice and clean so it was pretty and not that bad when we got moving. No pictures because  I did not take my camera - I did not want to open my jacket and take off my mitts. We walked parts of the Loop Trail, West Trail, rail bed, and our little unnamed trail. We met no one and though I think this disappointed Kelley,  I thought it nice to have the solitude.  She was really happy to be out and quite active. The only water not frozen was that coming out of the smaller beaver pond and she did walk into it to get a drink but did not lay down so I didn't have a wet dog to deal with. We walked for an hour and a half but when we got near the car she again laid down on the trail and had to be coaxed the rest of the way. I'm happy she is feeling like more hiking. Though it was a beautiful sunny day we have a forecast of 8 to 14 " of snow tonight and tomorrow.


  1. I bet Kelley is having a lot of fun watching you shovel snow--going for a hot walk on the beach, probably need a cold beer to cool down when I get back--Brother Tom

  2. Hi Tom - no shoveling yet- it's still snowing and it looks like we might get about 12" . Kelley and I have been out walking in the neighborhood. She gets so excited by the snow, like a child. 7 degrees right now. Tried out the coat you sent me in the one degree weather yesterday and it passed. Thanks again.


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