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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12/2/13 City Forest

We woke to three inches of snow and Kelley waited ( sort of) patiently for me to shovel the drive ( she really likes snow and wanted us to be out in it) . I thought the trails at Perch Pond would be pretty so we drove out there. Parking area had not been plowed and there was a bank of snow across the entrance left from plowing the road. I really didn't want to deal with a stuck car so we didn't enter but headed for City Forest.

We started from the end of Kittredge Rd. and walked down to the pond- no place for Kelley to get in because of ice so we headed down the West Trail

Kelley was very excited by the snow and kept running ahead, stopping for me to catch up and then running ahead again.

We then met Pete and his dog Cadie

Kelley ran forward to meet them

And the dogs had a grand time. Kelley has not played this energetically with another dog in some time.

Eventually we had to move on. Kelley found some water to get into

We walked to the end of West Trail and then took the old rail bed

We then took an unnamed trail back to the West Trail to complete our loop

Kelley waiting for me to climb the hill back to our start

So, a good hike with lots of fun for Kelley . 2  3/4 hours


  1. Those dogs looked like they had a grea time! I love seeing photos of winter scenes.

    1. Hi Linda- they did have fun- there will be lots more winter scenes -we have just begun.

  2. You passed on getting stuck?! Great dog play!

    1. Hi Faith- maybe I have finally learned my lesson. The dogs had a ball.

  3. Loved seeing the dogs playing and having a good time. It made me miss my Lucky tho. She and my petey would play like that all the time and I know petey misses her.

  4. Hi Kim- it was good for me to see because Kelley has not done as much of that lately. It must be hard to lose a dog.


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