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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tunk Mountain from Myrick Pond Rd.

This was our first time to do Tunk from this trail which we were told was easier than the trail from Hidden Ponds and it was. This trail was not as steep and had easier footing ( the other has a section where there are ropes to help pull yourself over the ledge)and there was only one spot where Kelley needed a boost ( and she hates that) . The difficulty with this trail was finding it. We drove up Myric Pond Road for 4 miles without finding the trailhead and had given up and were heading for the highway to do a different hike when we met some people on ATVs who gave us directions that were correct. Before you get to the actual trail you have to park and walk up this road for about 15 minutes.

Once we reached the open ridge there were very nice views.

This marker seemed to be at the high point and we think it may mark the summit ( there are no signs)

Another strange fungus

I think this is a Turkey Vulture. It came down very close to check us out ( Kelley for lunch ? ) but by the time I changed lenses it had risen into this beautiful sky.

End of the hike-"but I don't want to get in the car"


  1. She has a mind of her own. She also seems to like the views. When there is a break in the undergrowth she will usually go over to see what can be seen.


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