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Friday, September 2, 2011

9/2/11 U. Maine Forest

Decided Kelley needed an easy day after dealing with the rocky shore yesterday so we headed to Orono and the university forests. We have had little success following maps or trail signs ( others tell us this is a common problem) but thought to give it another try. We started on the road from the parking area on Stillwater Ave., turned off onto trail #9 and hoped to do a kind of loop using 8,7,10, etc. We were only on track until the area circled on the map when once again we found ourselves on trails without number markers. We decide to just explore trails and after checking several we had not been on before found ourselves back where we had lost track and returned to the car. A very pleasant day with sun and mild temperatures. Kelley was happy, running ahead and doing lots of exploring. 1 1/2 hours


  1. We reached 100 degrees with high humidity today in Michigan. Glad that you and Kelley enjoyed milder temps.

    Nice sharp pic of the red dragonfly. I'll venture to name the butterfly: Viceroy.

  2. Hi John-nice 70's here-I was thinking monarch but you may be right-looks like monarchs have more spots along the wing edge but they are pretty close

    Hey PP--no deer today but we have seen several on other hikes there.


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