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Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26/11 Breakneck Road

Beautiful day- sunny and 70's. We started at the Hulls Cove end and walked the Breakneck to Rte 233 with a couple of small detours to explore small trails that seemed to just peter out.

While Kelley was enjoying the water ( not very deep) in the brook I found this leaf among the rocks.

I had to include this fungus which appears to have a dog pictured on it.

Kelley was very happy when we reached Breakneck ponds because , as she said, "this water is deep enough to swim rather than just wade". Which she proceeded to do in both ponds.

A very pleasant hike of 2 hours. This truck was near where we parked. It seems to have had some changes made to it and as it was in front of a sculpture garden perhaps it's art.


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