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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6/28/11 Mansell Mtn. and Great Pond

Mostly sunny but quite humid. We started from the pumping station and walked the Cold Brook Trail to the start of the Mansell. Here Kelley is trying to decide whether to jump up or find a way around ( she jumped).

After reaching the summit of Mansell we took the trail over to Great Notch and from there down the other side to the Long Pond Trail ( also called 'Great Pond' to distinguish it from the smaller Long Pond. The hike up to now had been dry ( except for water I carry for us to drink) but there is a spot ( and Kelley remembers it) where you can climb down to the Great Brook which is , here, beside and below the trail. She was happy to reach it.

This is one of our favorite lunch spots on this hike ( Kelley remembers and seeks this one out too)

The trail along the pond.

A nice hike. Kelley seemed to handle the climbing without discomfort. 3 1/4 hours.


  1. Sometimes it sounds like Kelley takes you on these hikes. She, at least, has plenty of input as to which way you go. Good for her.

  2. As one of my neighbors said after walking her for me, " She has a mind of her own" and she does. She doesn't always have a preference-when she reaches a trail junction she usually stops and waits for me to indicate which way we are going.Other times she has a definite preference and sometimes she gets her choice and sometimes not. Sometimes, especially downtown, I let her choose the whole route and we just wander.

  3. No comment on the great views, but captured them! Trail along the pond looks like a must do, especially in the summer.

  4. Thanks for tracking that down, Faith


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