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Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/15/11 Camden Hills

Not one of our more successful ventures. We hiked up to Maiden Cliff on that trail and then started on the Scenic Trail where we soon came to a steep rocky section Kelley couldn't manage. She took off to find a way around and was gone several minutes and I looked for her without success. She finally showed up but hadn't found a way around so we headed back down with the intention of taking the Ridge Trail but Kelley seemed to want to head back so we did. A few minutes after getting in the car she threw up a prodigious amount ( parts looked like entrails of something). That explained her long absence. After cleaning up the mess we headed for the Snow Bowl where there is a lake she can swim in. When she got out of the car she had a noticeable limp and I wondered what else had happened during her absence. I had meds with me so we had lunch and she got some of her meds and we headed home.

Maiden Cliff Trail with Kelley waiting for me.

A bridge across a small creek which is almost dry. I don't understand with all the rain we have had.

A couple of views from the cliff

Kelley returning a stick


  1. Yup--but Kelley's swim at the end was nice for her.

  2. How to go Kelly! Smart puppy!!

  3. Thanks for commenting,penbayman. Smart about somethings but she will eat almost anything she can find.


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