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Saturday, June 25, 2011

6-25-11 Downtown Bangor

Another rainy day so I put the camera in a plastic bag and we headed downtown. I usually find something of interest and Kelley finds all kinds of new scents to check out and gets to greet people, another of her favorite things . She continues to seem better again today. We started out near the Penobscot and then wandered.

The first pictures show the waterfront and the foggy river

The rest are things we found on our walk


  1. You found some rich colors in the rain on that grey day.

  2. Yes, and I wasn't expecting much with my camera in a bag in my pocket and rain falling on my head.

  3. Two recent posts...both rainy days (not very promising)...nice closeup pictures with lovely color saturation...seems to be a pattern.

  4. Thanks, John. Yes, both days ( got some more today)I went reluctantly, Kelley has to walk, and found myself getting into taking pictures in spite of not "being in the mood" . I think finding one neat thing gets me started and then I find all kinds of things and it just builds-kind 0f exciting.

  5. You are "in the zone" when that happens. Good for you.


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