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Saturday, June 4, 2011

6/3/11 Camden Hills State Park

Cold, windy, and threatening rain, though we only got a few drops. We started from the trail head for the old carriage road on Rte. 52 and took the Carriage Trail to Tablelands, to the Adam's Lookout loop, to Ocean Lookout, and then back the way we had come.

As we started a man was coming out with a young Spaniel . He suggested we turn the dogs loose and let them play, which we did. As it was fairly muddy the dogs quickly got dirty and the Spaniels owner decide he needed to hike back to a stream where his dog could get clean before going home. After the dogs got out of the water we went on and they went back.

Because it was so windy it was difficult to get good pictures of the wildflowers but I took some anyway.

Lady's Slipper

View of the ocean from Adam's Lookout


Camden from Ocean Lookout


An unknown wildflower

Turned out to be a nice hike in spite of the weather-2-3/4 hours


  1. Nice pics. How's your ankle doing? How's Kelley getting along? Ready for hotter weather this summer?

  2. Thanks, John. Appreciate your comments and your concern. My ankle seems to be completely recovered and Kelley is doing better. We were both glad to be out on the trails. We don't like the heat but my garden is awaiting it.

  3. Another fine piece of Maine to hike on. Glad to hear Kelley is doing better.

  4. We love Camden, we like to camp out there in the ski shelter every winter too. Nice photos!

  5. Thank you, Damien-it is a nice place-we hike it year 'round.


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