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Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/23/10 Parts of Champlain, Hemlock, and Jesup Trails

We started from Sieur de Monts and walked to the park loop road ,taking that to the N. Ridge Champlain Trail. No one had preceded us and the trail was difficult to follow as most blazes are on rocks which were covered with snow. In places we sank 3 feet into the snow and Kelley decided we should follow a lone deer track. That was better but tended to meander a bit. Still it was beautiful and only a little colder than yesterday. When we reached the junction with the East Face Trail ( now called the Orange and Black )our trail became steeper with large rocks to get over. We decided it was time to turn back. As we were going down we met a group on snowshoes.
They had been following our trail and thought the meanders funny. Because of their activity the rest of our descent was much easier. We stopped at the bottom to share an apple and then headed back down the loop road but instead of the turn for Sieur de Monts we went on to Hemlock and took that to Jesup and back to the start. I found that there is winter auto access to the Nature Center Parking lot which I had not known. Just under 3 hours.

View from Champlain Trail

Kelley Likes Apples


  1. That air is so clear, you can see forever. And your dog, Kelley, cracks me up, lying in the snow eating an apple.

  2. She likes the snow and seems very comfortable just plunking down in it whenever we stop-to eat, to talk with someone, or to to take a picture. She does sometimes get impatient and whine a little if the latter two take too tong.


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