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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8/29/16 Partridge and Ducktail Ponds

An early start and more comfortable temps. No wind and no insects- I think the dry summer has kept the mosquito population in check.

Pano of Partridge Pond. Please click separately for large version

Partridge Pond  8-29-16

and , of course, Kelley in the pond

If you cross the stream that comes out of the pond ( almost dry today) you come to a large ledge , which you can see sticking out in picture above

and another chance at the pond

Tree on the trail to Ducktail

 Ducktail Pond

It became quite windy and blew the water across the lily pads so they were just under the water

Last time in Ducktail

That bridge again - and again she went around

Nice day in the woods. Kelley did well though a bit slower ( I may be a bit slower too as we are both aging) . We also had the place to ourselves- very peaceful. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. Very cool pic of that ledge..I think all of us will pick up some speed once we get into the invigorating days of fall..I for one can't wait..

    1. Thanks - I'm ready for fall too - my favorite season

  2. I love the lily pads. They're changing already. Nice to see.
    Sounds like a really pleasant day!

    1. Thanks Sue it was a nice day and I'm ready for fall too

  3. Even though I always look for Kelley in your photos, I really like the scenery and nature shots that you take.


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