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Monday, August 8, 2016

8/7/16 Harbor Brook

A little cooler but more so at the coast, plus plenty of water for Kelley.

First chance she got -

The first part of the trail is along a steep hillside

Don't know what these are - tiny - about 1/2 inch across

Don't understand her expression here

She wanted to cross the brook and take the new trail which we had only done once. These steps go on ( less steeply) for some distance further than can be seen in the picture.

Last time she climbed the steps but not today.

Going back the way we came.

Pretty good hike - a little longer than planned but only time not distance - stopped and talked with a couple from S. Carolina and Kelley spent more time then usual in the water. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. Add a little that's a happy dog!

    1. Yes, she really likes this trail

  2. Cripes-I wouldn't have climbed those steps either-but not from old age, -scared of heights and NO RAIL!!!

    I was on Google maps checking out an area due to a book I'm reading (I'm a map GEEK!) and wow-Maine really does have no shortage of great places to hike!
    Beautiful pics as usual. Hope you get a cool down. We're 90's for the next 4 days.
    Autumn-where are you????

  3. Thanks Sue - not as scary as it looks. Yes, this is a good place for hiking.3 more hot ones predicted.


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