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Friday, August 5, 2016

8/4/16 Hidden Knoll Trail

Another hot one predicted so we headed out early

We started on the Goose Ridge Trail from Penney Rd. to reach the Hidden Knoll Trail. It is relatively new and no maps yet.

I had picked this trail because when were here before there were several streams and lots of water for Kelley. Because we have had so little rain most streams were dry. Here are some little pools with which she had to make do

That is all that was left in this little stream

Even less in this one

and finally not even large enough to lie down. Very disappointing for her as she would go ahead expecting water and find little or none.

Because the trail has not been used much, several times I walked off the trail. Kelley would be waiting where I should have turned. At one point she stayed with me off trail and looking around I could not see trail or blaze. I said " Kelley find the trail" and she took us right to it. She has done this before. She's a hiking girl. The hike also took longer than planned, 2 hours, and she was slowing for the last part. Rest day tomorrow. 


  1. What a great dog-finding trails like that! I think we could all use a dog like that!!
    Looks like a beautiful spot, sorry about the lack of good swimming . Ah, next time....

    1. Hi Sue - the nose knows. It is a nice trail but we will wait for rain before we return.

  2. Anything Kelley can do to get her swim in. :)

    1. Yes, Linda - even liquid mud sometimes


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