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Saturday, August 13, 2016

8/12/16 Branch Lake

Cooler today but rain forecast later so we got an early start. The last time we were here there were a lot of  deer flies; we would check it out and if still a problem go on to Acadia. There were only a few at the start and once we got in the woods none. There was little wind so a good day for close ups and water for Kelley, so lots of pictures.

Kelley found a small stream

Too soon

a bit behind- I keep going when she is sniffing around and she sometimes keeps going when I stop to photograph.

The lake shore is very rocky and mostly brushy, so it's not always easy for Kelley

but we find place between the rocks

And while she is in the water I look for things along the shore

A little further along the shore

Reflected reeds

The woods are fairly dense so not much grows on the floor: but once back on the tote road there was lots to see.

Lunch time

Same stream other side of the road

Waiting for me- she kept going a bit while I got the grasshopper

Don't know what these are

Pretty good hike. Kelley did well. few insects, and bearable temps.
Took longer than usual with my picture taking and tromping through brush looking for Kelley spots. She also stayed in the water each time longer than usual. 2 hours 


  1. I'm always THRILLED when the Goldenrod starts blooming. It means the end is near for heat, humidity, bugs, and well, frankly, tourists!
    Looking forward to those quiet days in just a few short weeks.
    Looks like a great outing. Loved the photos of the rocks and reeds in the water.
    Have a good day, John

    1. Thanks Sue - I agree with your first paragraph, including the tourists. Good day to you too.


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