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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10/6/15 Long Ledges

Another nice day. We had recently done the Baker Hill section and today would do the Long Ledges. The pictures suffer from the contrasty light which I didn't do well with.

Starting out the woods were still mostly green.

 and Kelley soon found a bit of water

Climbing up the ledges

We decided to take the spur trail to the Postage Stamp Pond. There was even a bench to sit on to take in the view.

There was an little used trail that continued on and we thought it might take us down to the pond or at least get us a better view. It took us out to the road and someone's backyard .

Back the way we had come. The area around marker 20 confuses me a bit as there are several trails ( not all on the map) converging and only one has a name tag. As I was trying to sort it out Kelley found a pool.

We headed down a trail I hoped was going to take us to the trail that would take us to the big pond - for Kelley.

But I missed a turn and we were on our way back to our start - rather than turn around we continued on -  Kelley found  another pool.

A pleasant day in the woods in spite of the miscues. Kelley seemed happy. Since the hike had only taken an hour and a quarter, I drove up to the top trailhead, thinking we would explore a bit of that but Kelley did not want to get out of the car and we headed home. 

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