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Thursday, October 22, 2015

10/21/15 Frye Mountain

Cold when we got up but into the 40's and sunny by the time we got to the hike- so good for us.  Kelley was enthusiastic and ready to hike. We did not plan to go to the top because I didn't want Kelley to overdo it and there is no view anyway.

There are lots of tumbled down old rock walls/fences on this trail

and beside Bartlett Stream there are small streams and pools

Waiting patiently

There is an alternate trail ( not shown on this map) that takes you to the road to get across the stream when the water is high. That was not the case today- the water was quite low

We hiked up to the SW Overlook - small views from there in winter when the trees have lost their leaves

When we got back to the main trail Kelley wanted to keep going but the hike was already going to be over two hours so I vetoed that and we headed back.

More water

She won't pose so I didn't get her exactly where I wanted her in this pretty spot.

We are past peak color but there are still pretty leaves

Another old stone fence

and more chances for water

A nice hike on a pretty day. Kelley had been enthusiastic and in the lead much of the way but was slowing down near the end and I decided I was right not to continue from the overlook. 2  1/2 hours 


  1. I haven't been to Frye Mtn. in a while..gotta get back there next spring..amazing how little water there is considering the rain we've had recently..

    1. I was surprised about the water too - must have good drainage - every place else we go is wet

  2. I like the old rock fences. Such history there.

    1. Hi Kim - we come across a lot of them in this area - mostly now far from any signs of civilization


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