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Monday, October 5, 2015

10/4/15 Newman Hill

Started a bit cool but I stalled 'till it warmed a bit into a nice fall day. Be forewarned - lots of leaf pictures.

This one had an odd color

First chance to get in the water

This rudeckia has seen better days

but the Queen Anne's Lace looks good

A small pond next to Black Pond ( not shown on the map)

More leaves - Kelley decided to be in this one.

There is a new sign up saying "Pine Ponds" - maps before referred to "Pine Pond" - I had thought the smaller was just runoff from the main pond..

Larger pond

Smaller pond

 Growing out of the rocks between the ponds - I'm always impressed with life taking hold in unlikely places.

We headed down the old rail bed to go to the beaver pond and found more leaves on the way.

The beaver pond

On the trail back I found more interesting plants and flowers

Turned out to be a very pleasant hike. Kelley did well, though I'm sure she was disappointed we didn't meet anyone. 1  3/4 hours


  1. Love all the pretty fall leaves!

    1. Thanks Linda- took ahwile this year

  2. Is that one leaf purple? Such an unusual and pretty color.

    1. Yes, Kim - I had never seen one like it - very odd.


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