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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10/5/15 Perch Pond

Another pretty autumn day. This time we started from the North Trail on the old woods road that runs parallel with the trail. I chose this because it was still a bit nippy and I wanted to find some leaves in the sun. On our return we used the trail.

Leaves and a mushroom

Next stop was the small pond on our way to the big one.

Once in the woods we found it mostly still green.

Kelley found a pool right next to Perch Pond

The pond

 and Kelley in it doing her shake

Some branches over and in the water

Time for an apple break

Back into the woods to head back

A very nice hike. Kelley did well and was energetic after a slow start with a lot of sniffing - something really interested her. 2 hours 


  1. I love how Kelley always finds some water to get wet! Your photos are great, the branch shots are quite artistic :)

    1. Thank you Betty - and the girl does love the water

  2. The mushroom shot is fab. Your colors are much further along than ours.

    1. Thanks Kim - we are still behind with lots of green around


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