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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10/26/15 Perch Pond

Forties but sunny. We started from the North Trail head and there was a car in the lot  ( very unusual - we usually have the place to ourselves ) . There was, apparently a dog involved because Kelley was excited and barking and running ahead to try and catch up. This went on for some time and had us taking a different route than I had planned but we never caught up with them.

In the small pond,  before resuming the search

 The reds are mostly gone but the yellows and oranges had a golden glow

The big pond at last

A gnome someone tied to a tree beside the trail

Another spot to get in the pond

Another section of trail

 and some fern still very much green

A nice hike but longer than planned because of trying to get to a trail we hadn't done. Kelley did very well for most of the hike but was slowing down near the end. 2  1/4 hours 


  1. Love your 2nd and 6th photos of the leaves on the ground and golden forest above.

    1. Thanks Linda - it was a beautiful day in the woods

  2. I just adore that "golden glow" in the woods this time of year. Looks like you had great conditions to capture that just perfectly.
    I'd give anything to be able to be outside. I've missed the ENTIRE autumn show this year.
    Glad you are able to take pics for those of us missing out!
    Have a good week, John

    1. Thanks Sue - sorry to hear about your problem. You have a good week too. This us another that didn't go directly

  3. I'd be slowing down too..after a 2 1/4 hour fact..much sooner than that...she's doing awesome!

  4. Thanks penbayman - it was still a bit much as the next day she didn't want to go anywhere - but we are still working it out.

  5. The ferns are a bright spot in the leaves and the gnome is too cute! I have to admit that Kelley always makes me smile when she finds her water spots--she looks so content with her swims.

    1. Thanks Betty - yes, she loves the water


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