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Saturday, October 31, 2015

10/30/15 City Forest

Rained all day Tuesday and I had cataract surgery Wednesday (other eye in two weeks) and we also took yesterday off ( a friend took Kelley to Essex Woods one day and downtown the other) . But we are back - decided today would be short and easy. Wasn't sure about pictures as I had to wear clumsy dark glasses, but they went better than I had thought.

Looking across the meadow on the way to the beaver pond - surprised at how much color remains.

and beside the pond

Because of recent rains there was lots of water for Kelley

First the beaver pond

and then other spots.

Some trees as we neared the pond on the way back

Last shot for her at the pond

doing her shake

Following as we head back across the mown meadow.

On the cool side and quite windy so it was nicest in the woods. Kelley did well and was happy to see several runners and bikers. 1  1/4 hours 


  1. A little break for Kelley is a good thing..????

    1. Perhaps - still feeling my way with her and she also has a mind of her own.

  2. Lovely fall colors, and Kelley looks very happy to find so much water.


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