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Monday, June 10, 2013

6/9/13 City Forest

Rained all day yesterday and we just walked around the neighborhood. Forecast again today but we got in an hour and three quarters at the forest with only very light sprinkles. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice but then more rain is on the way. I tell myself it's good for the garden.

Viceroy - a Monarch mimic

Wild Iris

 Crab spider having lunch

Pretty good outing for Kelley as there was lots of water and we met several people and dogs.


  1. Hi John...Lovely post..flower and butterflies my very favorites and these are beauties!!
    Am very jealous of the blue butterfly in a previous post !! Did you find out what is was??

    1. Hi Grace- Thank you- I submitted the blue butterfly to the organization i mentioned but haven't had a response yet- will let you know when they answer.

  2. LOVE the butterfly photo. You captured the colors perfectly.

    1. Thank you Linda- nice high overcast again- makes colors much easier.


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