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Sunday, June 2, 2013

6/2/13 Sunkhaze Meadows Wildlife Refuge

Another hot one so we got an early start and went to nearby Sunkhaze. The second map shows the loop to the observation platform that is not on the first map. We walked Carter Meadow Rd. to the loop. You will notice they recommend bring your boots. Today it was appropriate as large sections of the trail were under water, especially the first half. There was so much water around the platform that we did not attempt to get to it. Kelley thought the water was fine and didn't seem to mind the mosquitoes which formed a cloud around me if I stopped to take a picture, which I seldom did.

After we finished that we went to the Oak Point Trail which we had not done in some time. I remembered the woods part and thought it would be drier. The first part of the trail had big sections under water also. This is basically an old woods road that is no longer used by vehicles. When we got to the woods section it was drier and had some pretty parts.

As we neared the end, the trail was again under water and we had to do a small bushwhack to get some shots of the meadows.

On the way back I found this guy crawling on my hand

When we finished I was wet to my knees, hot, and mosquito bit. Kelley liked all the water and it was a good 2  1/2 hours for her, which was the point anyway.


  1. There certainly is a lot of water around, which suits Kelley to a T. She's in her element..

  2. Hi penbayman- yes, Kelley thought it was a fine hike. Thanks for commenting.


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