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Friday, June 14, 2013

6/13/13 City Forest

Sun and clouds but no rain and enough of a breeze to keep the bugs down-but also make close ups difficult.  I really needed to start getting  my seedlings set out and a friend needed a ride at midday so it's was off to the forest for two hours. Kelley was very happy to be in the woods rather than on the street and ran happily ahead. There was also water everywhere and we met people and dogs.

All the rain has made the  grass in the meadow above the pond very lush

Back home I managed to set out  47 tomato plants and a couple of other plants. Tomorrow will be more of the veggies .


  1. Wow, John, that's a LOT of tomato plants! :-)

  2. Hi Cindy- I have actually cut back- I tend to get carried away. I have grown 170 peppers in a season but have cut back to only 60- put them out today. Tomorrow it's eggplant and cukes and that will take care of all of them except the Asian veggies which I usually get about four crops and another batch of cukes to carry me through to fall.

  3. That's impressive! I didn't grow that many peppers even when the kids were still at home - we do a dozen or two plants now. We're growing some of them in beds in a hoop house to extend the season well into late fall.

  4. I have most of my peppers in pots on the drive where they get the most heat and sun but still end up bringing some inside in the fall to finish ripening. Here is a link to the pictures. I used to be compulsive about documenting them all

  5. Thanks for the link, John. That's an amazing pepper collection - great photos, especially of the flowers. I must say that following that link was a little like going to YouTube - I went for a peek and lost an hour! :-)

    1. Thanks Cindy- I came to appreciate the beauty of the pepper blooms by photographing them.


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