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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6/10/13 Tunk Mountain

A beautiful day today but rain forecast for the next three days along with two days of flood watch- so we wanted to get in a good one.  Of the three trails up Tunk , this is the easiest for Kelley. The left trail from Hidden Ponds is  no longer maintained - not hard to follow but has some difficult spots for Kelley- the right has some large rocks and some iron rungs at one point .

The trail head is not really on the Myrick Pond Rd. but on a little road that forks to the right 0.4 miles from Rte 182. After a short drive on that somewhat rough road you park near some large boulders and continue on foot for another 15 minutes ( the road gets rougher ). You soon reach another fork, take the right , and shortly see a large boulder which marks the trail head. Once on the trail it's easy to follow. There is one spot ( near the top) the is difficult for Kelley and we used to bushwhack around it until we found an alternative trail that skirts that spot and then rejoins the main trail ( I have marked it with red surveyors tape) .

A selection of views of and from the trail once you reach the ridge.

This grasshopper was so small I didn't know it was a grasshopper until I processed the picture ( also why it's a bit fuzzy)

A nice hike with great views on a beautiful day. 2  1/2 hours


  1. Look at all that green! So beautiful! Enjoy the sunshine (while you can).

  2. Thanks Linda- has rained all day so far and is predicted for two more days - bah


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