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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/25/13 Little Long Pond

It's been quite hot and continues so- forecast for 90 today and rain. Decided to do some water oriented hikes for Kelley. We did the pond hike a little differently so as to have both sides of it. Near the start we met three nice people and their dogs so we chatted as the dogs were in and out of the water. We did not see as many dogs as expected but met some nice people on our journey around the pond. I didn't take many pictures as I was talking too much.

White Admiral

Lots of water lilies but, as yet, only a few blossoms

After we did the loop ( 2 hours) we drove a little further on Rte. 3 with the intention of doing the Hunters Brook Trail which closely follows the stream and is another of Kelley's favorites. Kelley did not want to get out of the car- highly unusual for her but I accepted her decision and we headed home. We did not get the rain until early evening- thunder storms which make Kelley very afraid.


  1. Hi John...Oh I do love the white pond lilies so beautiful!!
    I miss not being able to smell that heavenly scent!! There are times since I lost my since of smell (about 4 years ago ) that miss very much, like the smell of these!!
    I saw my first White Admiral this past weekend!!
    Lovely shot!! : )

    1. Thanks Grace- sorry to hear about your loss of smell. Couldn't get close enough to these to smell- they are just starting to bloom and there were only a handful on the whole pond.It's so nice to be seeing butterflies instead of snow.


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