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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6/4/13 Newman Hill-Hinds

Pleasant temperatures - in the 70's and a breeze to keep down the bugs, but thunderstorms are forecast . I am also in the process of hardening off seedlings and need time at home to move them in and out. This is a nearby hike and saved drive time. This is the first time we have actually been able to follow the map ( almost). The problem is many more trails than shown on the map and very few signs. We did find the Snowshoe Trail well blazed. We walked up the road to the old rail bed, passing the two ponds.

Boulder Pond had at least 3 families of geese

There were other creatures along the way

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

I don't know this one and it's a bit unsharp but it was so pretty I posted it anyway

Black Pond also had geese

We took a short side trail to Pine Pond ,which we had not been to before, and found this large dusty turtle. It was part way dug in and may have been making a nest in the rocky soil.

The rail bed comes to an end, or is severely overgrown,and we turned into the woods. Soon there was a fork with no sign- we chose the right fork and this proved to be correct as we came to the Snowshoe Trail. We followed that, intending to turn off at the ski trail and take that back but we missed the turn ( our one misstep) and found ourselves back on the rail bed. We took a turn onto the section of ski trail that runs parallel to the rail bed and then back out onto the rail bed to where we had parked.

We took a trail that runs from the parking area a short way to a stream for Kelley but it was too overgrown for her to get at. We did pass through a nice field of Lupine.

Though the skies looked stormy at times it did not rain and we had a nice 2  1/4 hour outing.

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