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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7/27/11 U. Maine Forests

Rain yesterday and forecast for today so we went to nearby trails in Orono. Our route as shown on the above map is approximate as I find it difficult to match the trail markings with the map. We were also on unnumbered trails which are not on the map.

We started on this wide track but it narrows and then narrows even further when you get on the side trails.

It was still a pleasant hike. Kelley found a few places to get into the water and I found a few things to photograph.

No rain until a few sprinkles as we neared our car. 2 hours


  1. Very nice closeups. Is that your 100mm macro lens? I'm impressed how consistently you are able to get close up to insects without spooking them.

  2. Thank you , John. Yes the 100 mm. Even with that I still spook many and get many out of focus. There was a sunny area with large bushes with small thistles on them and lots of different insects--and Kelley was whining impatiently to move on.

  3. Get a portfolio for National Geographic together!


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