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Sunday, July 17, 2011

7/16/11 Orono Land Trust Trails

Hot day so I thought that a nice change might be a wander around the U. Maine campus in Orono. Kelley wasn't interested so we got back in the car and drove to an access point for some of the Orono Land Trust trails. She approved of this.

Didn't see much I wanted to photograph until near the end we went into this marshy area looking for water for Kelley to get into and found some creatures.

Hover Fly ( I believe)

Japanese Beetle

An unidentified moth


  1. Nice creature photos (I like the selective focus blurring the background).

    How does Kelley approve/disapprove? (thumbs up/down?)

  2. Thanks, John. Kelley gets impatient if I spend too long on a picture-she sits and looks back as if to say , "are you coming?"


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