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Monday, July 18, 2011

7/17/11 Penobscot River Trail

This trail starts at the end of Penobscot St. in Orono and follows the river to Old Town. It begins as a narrow path with some marshy area for Kelley to get into. It then becomes more difficult as bridges have washed out and there are narrow sections on small rises as well as some erosion.

There were lots of creatures,like this hover fly, about

And this Monarch

I , at first, thought this an odd spider but it seems to have only six legs

A messy eater

After a bit the trail widens and then becomes a dirt road that ends at the road near the paper plant

We turned back at this point and began to look for an alternate route to avoid the rough part of the trail

We bushwhacked through the brush a couple of times to get to the Penobscot so Kelley could cool off--it was quite warm.

We found a side trail and followed that for a while but there were other side trails ( none of them marked) so when we came to the railroad tracks we followed the nice path next to them back to where we were parked. 1 3/4 hours


  1. Didn't take you long to get 10 good pictures.

  2. Thanks, John. There was a lot of variety on this one.


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