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Thursday, November 30, 2017

11/29/17 Harbor Brook

Kelley has not been interested in hikes and we have had some crumby weather so, just walks around the neighborhood, The last two days i have cut back her pain meds, thinking she was too sedated and this morning we headed for one of her favorite hikes. Cloudy when we left home but 40's and partials sun at start of the hike and then sunny skies.

They continue to work on this trail, including building a  parking lot ( before there was just a rutted pull off).

Near the start of the trail

Parts of the stream have large numbers of fallen trees.

A section of the new trail. Easier to walk but not as much access to the stream for Kelley.

A spot she can get in

Kelley was doing better than she has in some time and when we got to the new trail heading toward Long Pond ( where we usually turn around) she wanted to continue so we did. But when we got to these steps she decided she had had enough and we turned back

Following the stream again

This went well for Kelley and we had a very pleasant hike of just over an hour and a quarter. It is too early to tell if reduced meds is the answer. Stay tuned 


  1. Welcome to wintertime! At least nothings white and frozen yet.

    1. Hi Linda- That will come soon enough and will be a relief to stick season

  2. Hope reducing the med's is the answer--also hope all is done with insurance and you can forget about it for a while


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