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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

10/31/17 Partridge Pond

Well. got the storms and lost power for about 8 hours - many people are still without power and we encountered a close road on our way here. Backtracking to find another route we went through a large area without power. When we got here it was a nice day - sunny and lower 50's. There were downed branches and a couple of trees across the trail, but easily got around.

The color has gone.

but thanks to the rain there was water along the way for Kelley

This just needs a hookah smoking caterpillar

Another small pool

Partridge Pond

One last watering hole

Kelley did well today for a hike of a little more than an hour and a half. 


  1. Always sad when the leaves turn brown. But you had a beautiful sunny day!

    1. Hi Linda - yes, a pretty day even without the fall color

  2. I think we brought the storm with us John, lol. We finally made our move to Maine over the weekend and it rained the whole time driving here,then we get greeted by the storm. We were the lucky few who did not lose power ; but man, what a storm! Still, we are thrilled to be here living our dream :)

    1. Well, welcome to Maine - that as an unusual storm - that kind of damage is usually the result of ice

    2. Thanks :)
      Maybe some day we'll run into you and Kelly

    3. That would be nice- we have met other blog followers on the trail


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