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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

11/20/17 Snowmobile Trail Along the Kenduskeag

Thirty one degrees and mostly cloudy. We hadn't been here in awhile and I knew there would be flowing water if I could get Kelley out of the car.

Looking kind of wintery - just lacking the snow

but the water was flowing

and Kelley took advantage

while I got some leaves with a nice reflection

The steam is much higher than the last time we were here

No more flowers or bugs so it's cones and leaves

Doesn't have to be the stream

Some lichen just before we got back to the car.

Kelley did OK today and I was pleased to get her walking for almost an hour. 


  1. I like the leaves and reflection photo! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Lynda - Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  2. I hope you and Kelly are doing alright, you haven’t posted any hikes in a few days now. Not sure if my first post went through so repeating the message

    1. Hi Serafina - we have been doing less due to Kelley's lack of interest and the weather- am trying adjustment of her meds and she did well today - will post tomorrow, hopefully

    2. Glad to know you’re both doing well

    3. Thank you Serafina . Are you enjoying Maine?

    4. Oh yes! We’ve been really busy renovating the house 😀

    5. I'm really surprised about the weather though. 1. I was expecting it to be a lot colder by now.
      2. It's grey and rainy most of the time and pretty windy a lot. It 's a good thing I like grey, rainy and cold , lol.
      I am a little apprehensive about the snow. We got snow in KY but I'm sure nothing like what we'll get here. I'm glad we're taking the Winter off in terms of jobs, lol.

    6. It has been warmer than usual, both this fall and winter so far - the snow will come soon enough and it will be pretty


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