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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

11/13/17 Harbor Brook

Twenty two when we got up but up to thirty nine by the time we got to the park. More clouds than sun but no wind so not bad. When she first got out of the car Kelley was not enthusiastic but did well once we got into it.

I think the water helped

Heading across one of the new bridges

The stream is still quite low but at least it's flowing

Part of the new trail which is further up hill from the stream than the old one

Another chance

One of the new bog bridges

Almost back to the car

Not too bad - we got in a little over an hour 


  1. It does look like winter BUT at least with all your fur trees you still get some nice color from them. Will be in Michigan next month and will probably be in snow again.
    Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary were very interesting but have to admit I perhaps had too many expectations for Vienna that were not met. Being that half our heritage is from that area I was really looking forward to getting enough of a "feel" to want to come back. It is a beautiful city, the people are a little reserved (which was expected) but I had more interesting walks and felt more like I was in "old" Europe in the other cities we visited--will not be going back to Vienna other then to land there, perhaps spend a day or so and then go to the countryside. Bratislava, Slovakia and Regensburg, Germany were my favorites although I spent a few extra days in Budapest that I also enjoyed, they had one of the Christmas market's going that was fun to see and enjoy some mulled wine and sausages.

    1. Welcome back - sounds like it was pretty good overall


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