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Monday, November 13, 2017

11/12/17 City Forest

Thirty degrees and mostly cloudy. Nothing, lately,  but walks in the neighborhood so I decide Kelley was going to get some exercise.

Starting to look wintry

Bad news - the pond was frozen and I couldn't break through with a stomp.

Of course, no wildflowers or insects so some old Queen Anne's Lace

Another shot of the ice

and the leafless trees

After she found the pond frozen, Kelley was not interested in walking. I started off anyway as she usually follows and she did - aways back  At the trail junction I turned right rather than the usual left looking for some water for Kelley. I looked back and she was not behind me so I backtracked, calling her. Kelley had gone the way we usually do and a couple with a dog were calling my number from her collar tag, think she was lost. I gave up and we headed back to the car.

My disappointed girl


  1. Poor Kelley! I'll bet she hates winter when everything is frozen over.

    1. Luckily we are usually able to find some running water - not today


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