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Friday, January 8, 2016

1/7/16 City Forest

Cold but sunny and no wind ,so a pretty day. My ankle seemed Ok but I wanted something close in case it turned out to be a problem.

The beaver pond was frozen and all Kelley got was a drink from the water that exits from the end of the pond.

Still lots of snow

Kelley was not very enthusiastic today and when I found there had been traffic on the side trail I thought I could get her some water at the small stream that flows across the trail

But before we reached the stream we found the trail had been blocked and a sign indicated it was closed for "habitat restoration" . A land trust is now managing this part of the forest and based on some of their other projects I am not pleased.

I decided to just head back and we did and met a man and his young energetic dog. Kelley was friendly but not especially interested in playing and we continued on.

Only an hour but at least some exercise. No problem with my ankle- I wore my old boots - have sent the others back. Kelley was on some new pain meds and I'm wondering if that's affecting her or she was just having an off day. 


  1. Glad it was just a boot problem but no water for Kelly today, bummer.

    1. Ni serafine. Yes, gets hard for her to find unfrozen water in winter

  2. Sounds like you both are going through a little rough patch. Hope all turns out well. Glad you got some exercise---I think the day just feels so much better getting out and about-even if it's just for a little bit.
    Have a terrific weekend--we're supposed to get snow (LOTS!!) and I'm thrilled at the prospect of getting out the skis.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sue. The next day we were both fine. Hope you get good snow.


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