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Friday, January 15, 2016

1/14/16 Trail along the Kenduskeag

Yesterday we awoke to 3 or 4 inches of new snow. Kelley usually loves to be out in it so I took her for a walk around the hood before I did the drive. After a short distance she did not want to go on so we returned home and I cleared the drive. We then went to Essex woods and she didn't want out of the car so no hike yesterday.

This morning was sunny but lower teens and windy. Thought the snowmobile trail along the Kenduskeag would provide some shelter from the wind

When we got there we found no one had been on the trail, but the snow was not too deep for Kelley. Problem for me was that the snow hid icy patches.

Less ice in the stream - probably the water is higher and swifter following the heavy rain we had before the snow.

As we neared the Griffin road and the turn around for us we found snowmobile tracks. They had stopped at a small  ice and water filled gully in the trail- We got around it, though I did fall trying to climb the banks  around it - Kelley just walked down the middle.

Some ice from the ravine

Heading back

Waiting for me to take a picture.

Turned out well. Kelley was enthusiastic and did well. I only fell the one time in spite of several slides. The woods were pretty and the wind died down. 1  1/2 hours


  1. Just curious - do you ever use snow shoes?

    1. I have some but haven't used them in years - any snow deep enough to really need them would be snow too difficult for Kelley - doggie snow shoes ?


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