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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1/26/16 Sheepscot Headwaters

Much warmer - upper 30's when we started and lower 40's at the end. Cloudy with rain predicted but we got a bit of sun and no rain.

Hadn't been here in awhile and so didn't know in what condition we would find the trails. Last winter we did a hike on trails no one had used and it was hard work but today they looked good - at least at the start.

Up the Whitten hill Trail

Onto the Norther Headwaters Trail and one of the prettier sections - nicely formed path.

And some  leaves

and a pretty fungus

As we started down toward the Goose Ridge Trail there had been less traffic and the trail was less firm and even less traffic on Goose ridge. Still not too bad.

I wanted to do Goose Ridge because of the two small streams that might be running.

The first was frozen and Kelley managed to get down to it but had a bit of trouble finding a way back up. She doesn't like those snowy banks.

The second stream was completely covered in ice and snow and the  small pond by the old dam was also frozen

 but Kelley worked her way down to make sure

On the way down I had seen what looked like water a ways off the trail so on the way back we walked over to it.  Not much but it was not frozen

We then climbed back up the hill on the trail we had come in on - this time with some sun.

A nice peaceful hike - we didn't meet anyone until we got back to the parking lot. It had been pretty and Kelly did well , especially as the footing was not always ideal. 2 hours 


  1. Great snow shots! I have to say that I've never seen fungus with snow before. Nice catch! Nice to see Kelley out and about.

    1. Thanks Betty - come to Maine and see lots if things with snow


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