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Saturday, January 16, 2016

1/15/16 Caribou Bog

Sunny but 6.6 degrees when we got up. Staled 'till it got to 16 and headed for a nearby hike.

Boulder Pond was frozen over

We then took the snowshoe trail - it had not much use, but enough to show us where, and where not to step.

back to the old rail bed

We took the short spur to Pine Pond which was also frozen

And then the rail bed.  This section is narrower and, I think, prettier

The place where, in summer we are usually stopped by water, still blocked us as the ice was thin with bits of water. When things freeze solidly we go further on this section.

Some of the ice

We then took the Beaver Trail over to another closed road and looped back to the rail bed.

Taking a break while I take a picture

Then  a ski trail back to the parking lot.

A nice hike on a pretty day- peaceful as we met no one. Not enough snow to make walking difficult for either of us. Kelley was enthusiastic and did well. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. Just beautiful. I love the woods when it snows.

  2. It might have been cold, but I love the clear blue skies you had!

    1. Hi Linda - Sun and blue skies make you forget about the cold

  3. I really like the ice crystals picture. Very nice!
    And I wonder what Kelley thinks when you're taking pictures. Oh, to get in to their heads!!

    1. Thanks Sue - I often wonder what she is thinking


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